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Watch out Mathilde!

Watch out Mathilde!
    Yves Renda
  • MarieBaleine AUTEUR

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Résumé :

In this youth book, meet Mathilde, a little girl that likes to do lots of things. She sometimes observes bees, she climbs trees, she goes swim in the sea. But everytime, her Mom tells her to watch out. She thinks Mathilde doesn't realize how dangerous it is everywhere. And nevertheless, Mathilde knows it very well. She can get sunburnt, fall down from a tree, get burnt... Hopefully, Mathilde knows that she must be careful. Everytime her Mom would give her a piece of advice, she would keep it in mind. Her Mom needn't worry... Animated numeric story told by Maxime Place, 13 pages.

Les + de l'histoire :

A story beautifuly illustrated, which explains you must always be careful.

Prudence, Nature, Animaux, Conseils, Apprendre, Audio, Anglais, Prudence, Nature, Animaux, Conseils, Apprendre, Audio

Les avis des whisperers

Kristin Krueger
Le 23 août 2023
I think it is a great story nice job.????

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