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Histoires pour enfants -
Molly and Lou

Molly and Lou
  • Morgane Grosdidier ILLUSTRATEUR
    Morgane Grosdidier
  • Eric Tournaire AUTEUR
    Eric Tournaire

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Résumé :

Come and have a good time with Lou and Molly. It's a beautiful story in which you will discover a little loving kitten, who doesn't like to be alone. When Molly leaves her alone to play with her stuffed toys, Lou decides to go away in the woods. Her solitary stroll will be filled with nice discoveries, but with danger as well! Hopefully, Molly is tracking her closely... Animated story, told by Maxime Place, 31 pages

Les + de l'histoire :

The display of the story allows for the child to locate the story in time. Several things can happen at the same time on the same spot.

Contemplation, Amitié, Prudence, Aventure, Nature, Animaux, Compagnie, Audio, Livre audio anglais

Les avis des whisperers

Le 28 avril 2020
j'ai bien aimé quand Lou et Molly se sont retrouvée...
Le 20 mars 2020
Quand le renard sort du buisson
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