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Rainy day

Rainy day

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Résumé :

A short story in which it is not nice, it is even raining heavily. Hopefully, Charlie likes rainy days. So he hurries up to put on his rubber boots so he can jump into the dirt. He then decides to go for a walk in the woods. Charlie strolls by jumping from one foot to the other. He enjoys this bad weather to discover beautiful things, especially a magnificent herd of deers running through the forest. Let Charlie guide you with poetry and philosophy. He will change your mind about unpleasant weather ! Animated digital story, told by Geoffrey HEELS, 10 pages.

Les + de l'histoire :

This tale's beautiful animations will make you love rainy days. At the first drop, you will put on your rubber boots !

Contemplation, Audio, Anglais

Les avis des whisperers

Lucie Marascia
Le 20 mars 2020
Les grands arbres comme des Sequoia

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