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Presents for Matt!

Presents for Matt!
    Yves Renda
  • Fabienne Blanchut AUTEUR
    Fabienne Blanchut

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Résumé :

An amazing story about Matt the centipede! It's his birthday today. He is happy to see all of his friends present. No one has forgotten and everyone has a present for him. This year, they have decided to get him shoes: and for a centipede, you need a lot. The party is getting lively at the forest and Matt starts opening his presents. First, it's Timoté, the monkey, then Leon the chameleon. He then opens all the presents and discovers each one is a new pair of shoes. But what will they be useful for? Climbing, walking... Animated story, voiced by Aisha Morales Park, 36 pages.

Les + de l'histoire :

A story that pushes children to think, as no present is insignificant. Amazing illustrations. 

Amitié, Nature, Animaux, Cadeaux, Anniversaire, Audio, Anglais

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