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Granny wants to cross the road

Granny wants to cross the road
  • Corine Jamar AUTEUR
    Corine Jamar

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Résumé :

This children's book will tell you about Clementine, an old Granny who has been trying to cross the road to go to the grocery store for years. But everytime she goes for it, a car passes by, and another, and she can't cross the road. No driver will stop to let her cross... One is in a hurry to go to work, another to go to the hairdresser. Clementine tries her best to find solutions but it gets more and more complicated . She waits, and waits, to be able to cross when suddenly... Animated story told by Maxime Place, 25 pages

Les + de l'histoire :

This children's story shows you that sometimes, you need to be creative to get people's attention! 

Prudence, Patience, Apprendre, Persévérance, Respect, Audio, Anglais

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