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Wolfy's Advent calendar

Wolfy's Advent calendar
  • MargueritteMai ILLUSTRATEUR
  • Myric Drane AUTEUR
    Myric Drane

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Résumé :

A month away from Christmas, Wolfy is really excited: Daddy Wolf has just put together an Advent calendar just for him. But will the treats hidden in each box make Wolfy happy? It's not easy to please your son when you're the big bad wolf of the Enchanted Forest. Animated story, told by Maxime Place, 21 pages.

Les + de l'histoire :

In this child's tale, you realize that sometimes, children want something else than what you thought would please them...

Loup, Amour, Emotions, Noël, Cadeaux, Audio, Anglais, Loup, Amour, Emotions, Noël, Audio

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