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Help, someone wants to eat Santa!

Help, someone wants to eat Santa!
  • Eric Tournaire ILLUSTRATEUR
    Eric Tournaire
  • Christophe Loupy AUTEUR
    Christophe Loupy

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Résumé :

In this numeric story, discover Lucien! A fat, adorable and cool dog. He loves it when his master, Santa, lets him nap. As they often go on holiday with their caravan, Lucien sleeps. This year, Lucien saw a little red car upon arrival. It's Grandma and Little Red Riding Hood. Quickly, Lucien and Little Red Riding Hood go to the sea. There, they jump in the water and have fun... until they bump into the big bad wolf. Some adventures will be unveiled... Animated story, voiced by Aisha Morales Park. 22 pages.

Les + de l'histoire :

A quirky Christmas story to make children laugh!

Loup, Prudence, Aventure, Humour, Vacances, Animaux, Noël, Mythe, Audio, Anglais, Livre audio anglais

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