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The princess' ribbon

The princess' ribbon
  • MarieBaleine AUTEUR

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Résumé :

This animated tale tells the story about a princess that has lost her pretty pink ribbon. Fall and its winds have made Eleanor lose her ribbon, and it is now at the very top of the castle's tower. The princess cries, but Dagobert the knight promises her that he will go get the ribbon. As a good knight, he goes directly to the tower's entry. At every floor, he faces an obstacle... but with bravery, he pushes them away. But as he arrives at the top of the tower, the knight finds an unprecedented obstacle. Will he find and bring the ribbon back to the princess? Animated story, voiced by Aisha Morales Park. 25 pages.

Les + de l'histoire :

A story that teaches children that you should not judge a book by its cover. 

Dragon, Princesse, Chevalier, Courage, Peur, Audio, Anglais, Livre audio anglais

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