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Clotaire in Scotland

Clotaire in Scotland
  • Laure Allard-d'Adesky AUTEUR
    Laure Allard-d'Adesky

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Résumé :

This children’s story is a new adventure for our little ghost, Clotaire. This time, he is going to Scotland with his class for the holidays. He will meet there Fergus, his correspondent. They see each other for the first time so Clotaire is looking forward to meeting him. He’s about to discover a new universe: he has never ever been to this country of legendary creatures before! Soon, all the little ghosts have settled in their rooms. Barely enough time to unpack their bags: they’re already off on an excursion. Will Clotaire have the chance to meet one of those creatures that everyone is talking about? Animated story, told by Siobhan Hernon 40 pages

Les + de l'histoire :

This children's book shows us that we must be wary of rumours, sometimes they are pure imagination! 

Peur, Amitié, Aventure, Découverte, Fantôme, Mythe, Audio, Livre audio anglais

Les avis des whisperers

Bobby Qiu
Le 6 mai 2020
J’aime beaucoup beaucoup la finale du histoire:)
Le 20 avril 2020
Le fantôme dans le labyrinthe
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