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The kotatsu monster

The kotatsu monster
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Résumé :

In this animated story, we find ourselves in Japan during the winter times! Tokuro likes seeing the snow fall, but he also likes taking advantage of the warmth of his house and the kotatsu, a traditional japanese table that mainly helps with central heating. But something is underneath the table: it moves and makes noises... is there a monster under the kotatsu? Animated story, voiced by Aisha Morales Park, 17 pages.

Les + de l'histoire :

A story that treats scaryness and strength, showing that strength overcomes fear. That's what Tokuro does in this story, whilst he also teleports us to some instants of traditional Japanese life. 

Courage, Culture du monde, Peur, Audio, Anglais, Livre audio anglais, Courage, Culture du monde, Peur, Audio

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Le 10 mai 2020

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