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Teddy's holiday at the airport...

Teddy's holiday at the airport...

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Résumé :

Hugo is ready to go on holiday with his parents. This is the first time he is going to fly, and he is ecstatic about all of these big planes! And for this adventure, Teddy comes with Hugo! But as soon as the plane takes off, Hugo realises that he has left Hugo at the boarding gate. What is he going to do without Teddy during his holiday? An animated story, voiced by Aisha Morales Park. 15 pages. This story has been offered by Air France.

Les + de l'histoire :

Inspired by a true story!

Courage, Imagination, Vacances, Doudous, Audio, Anglais, Avion, Aéroport, Courage, Imagination, Vacances, Doudous, Histoire gratuite, Avion, Aéroport

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