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The lion under the sea

The lion under the sea
  • Eric Tournaire ILLUSTRATEUR
    Eric Tournaire
  • Whisperies AUTEUR

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Résumé :

After his first adventure in "The Lion in the North Pole", discover the lion's new travels in this animated story. He is bored of the savanna, so he decides to go travel and discover new places, or depths! Like always, he embarks on his adventure with his loyal friends the guinea fowl and the chameleon. But this time, they won't go through earth or sky to travel: they will jump to the depths of the ocean to find the weirdest creatures. Animated story, voiced by Aisha Morales Park, 16 pages.

Les + de l'histoire :

This story encourages curiosity and open spirit to children to find out about new cultures.

Préjugés, Aventure, Découverte, Animaux, Lion, Audio, Contes Africains, Anglais, Préjugés, Aventure, Découverte, Animaux, Lion, Contes Africains

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