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Tim and Max

Tim and Max
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Résumé :

Read the story of Tim and Max, two little mammals. For years, the little squirrel and the little rabbit have never talked. One day, as Max is going for a stride, he meets Tim for the first time! They wonder why they never talked before. What's going on between their families? Why did they never play together? Animated and audio story told by Maxime Place, 20 pages.

Les + de l'histoire :

A beautiful children's story. It's going to teach them you must get to know each other before judging people!

Amitié, Préjugés, Animaux, Audio, Anglais, Amitié, Préjugés, Animaux, Audio

Les avis des whisperers

Aruni Ranawake
Le 4 mai 2020
I love it!

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