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Emeline and the bouquet

Emeline and the bouquet

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Résumé :

Discover this magnificent children's story with Emeline, a very pretty but fussy princess! She always has something to say. When it's not about the kitchen, it's about the seamstress. The workers cannot take her arrogance anymore. However, she has to be clever, as the king has told her that she quickly needs to choose a suitor. He will become the future king of the kingdom, as he is starting to get old. As suitors from the village introduce themselves, Emeline is slowly becoming nice and sad at the same time. What is happening to her? The workers are surprised by her character... Animated story, voiced by Maxime Place. 25 pages.

Les + de l'histoire :

This children's story shows that it is never too late to change! 

Princesse, Amour, Préjugés, Responsabilité, Sentiments, Différence, Audio, Livre audio anglais

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Le 11 juin 2020
I super love it
Le 11 mai 2020
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