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The solitary pine tree

The solitary pine tree
  • pixntoast ILLUSTRATEUR
  • Lyra AUTEUR

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Résumé :

A beautiful children's story that occurs deep into the forest where a beautiful pine tree stands. But he feels very lonely and it's not the trees around him that are going to cheer him up. The seasons pass by, and when the trees lose their leaves, or when they're all coloured, he, the pine tree, doesn't change one bit. He wonders why he is all alone, he would've liked to have another pine tree next to him to have fun. Hopefully, a little girl was strolling in the woods, and she's going to remind him how important he is. The pine tree can feel very proud of him! Animated story, 15 pages.

Les + de l'histoire :

A nice season to discover through this story.

Confiance en soi, Patience, Nature, Apprendre, Audio, Anglais, Confiance en soi, Patience, Nature, Apprendre

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