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The six candles

The six candles
  • papoon&sherry AUTEUR / ILLUSTRATEUR

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Résumé :

A tale for children along the Elephant Family! Young Tiffany will soon be celebrating her birthday, she's turning six. Parents and children alike secretely prepare something in the house. But it's hard to remain discreet around the energetic little Tiffany. Everytime a family member starts preparing her birthday, Tiffany comes around... They will have to be cunning to keep this secret and the plesure of the party! Will the family be able to make a surprise party for Tiffany? What present will they get her to make her happy? Animated story told by Maxime Place, 38 pages.

Les + de l'histoire :

This children story is a nice way to teach kids that sometimes, the little things matter more than big presents!

Curiosité, Cadeaux, Anniversaire, Audio, Anglais, Curiosité, Cadeaux, Anniversaire, Audio

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