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The oldest tree in the world

The oldest tree in the world
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A wonderful story happening in the heart of the foret where a beautiful Tree stands: the oldest Tree in the world. He is so wise that all the animals of the forest come to ask for his advice. Not far from there, there was a realm in which lived a king and his daughter, the Princess. But one day, the Princess of the Realm got very ill, and only a fire from the logs of the oldest tree would be able to save her. What will the animals come up with to save the Tree and the Princess? Animated story told by Maxime Place.

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Enjoy this wonderful audiobook and discover that nature can sometimes produce miracles! 

Amitié, Nature, Animaux, Respect, Audio, Anglais, Amitié, Nature, Animaux, Respect, Audio

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Le 24 décembre 2020

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