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The incredible adventure of Solal the bear

The incredible adventure of Solal the bear
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Résumé :

Find out what happens on the ice field through this numeric animated book and meet Solal, a nice polar bear. Together with his friends, they speak about the future of the planet. They know they need to do something to preserve their environment. So, Gladys the buffalo decides the spokesperson will be Solal. He doesn't know it yet, but Solal will live an incredible adventure. He must go to the city to convince people to protect the planet. But... Once he's reached the train station, Solal is more surprised than he had expected. People, exhaust gas, starless night... But will he be able to be heard by men? A story offered by 'J'apprends l'énergie', written by Laure Allard-d'Adesky, illustrated by Benoît Turbet and told by Maxime Place, 58 pages.

Les + de l'histoire :

An original story to realize how important it is to protect the Earth! 

Confiance en soi, Amitié, Responsabilité, Ecologie, Environnement, Animaux, Conseils, Réflexion, Audio, Histoire gratuite, Anglais, Livre audio anglais

Les avis des whisperers

Bobby Qiu
Le 11 mai 2020
J’aime cette histoire vraiment parce que cette histoire a vraiment de imagination et j’aime le milieu du cette histoire.
Aruni Ranawake
Le 8 mai 2020
I think its too hard to save the planet at the same time we are fighting the Coronavirus.
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