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The goblin alphabet

The goblin alphabet

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Résumé :

The goblins in this book are goofy and scatterbrained, and are going to make you laugh. This story teaches you the alphabet through an excentric tribe. They love cats and ride mammoths. They fight even when they know they don't stand a chance. The goblins are weird but they're nice. They're all green like snakes. Discover the whole Goblin universe from A to Z. Animated story, told by Maxime Place, 26 pages

Les + de l'histoire :

Between texts and illustrations, this tale teaches us the art of play on words which will surely make you laugh!

Découverte, Monstre, Humour, Apprendre l'alphabet, Audio, Anglais

Les avis des whisperers

Le 20 décembre 2019
Very good story!

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