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Spiruline and the Fairyflies

Spiruline and the Fairyflies
  • Sylvie Lavoie AUTEUR
    Sylvie Lavoie
  • Ruthy Février ILLUSTRATEUR
    Ruthy Février

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Résumé :

A fairytale story at Spiruline's home, a girl that likes spending hours at her parents' garden. She loves looking at little animals flying around. One afternoon, when Spiruline was relaxing under a tree, golden dust managed to wake her up, tickling her nose in her sleep. Spiruline asks herself where did the gold dust come from: was it a dream or is it reality? That's when she saw a little person... Animated story, voiced by Maxime Place. 13 pages.

Les + de l'histoire :

In this numeric story, you will learn that sometimes, you must keep a secret in order to live extraordinary experiences!

Magie, Découverte, Imagination, Nature, Fées, Audio, Livre audio anglais

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