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Quiet please!

Quiet please!
  • Estelle C. Nectoux AUTEUR / ILLUSTRATEUR
    Estelle C. Nectoux

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Résumé :

It's a lovely winter day, and Poly the little polar bear loves it. Snow crackles under his paws just right. And when he stops walking... listen to this silence! Here, on the path, there's a mouse inside a mitten. No... Let's get back on track. Poly keeps going, but the mouse and its mitten keeps following him. Another mitten? This one belongs to a bird. Throughout this story, other animal carrying other clothes will disturb Poly's walk. He starts walking faster, but all these weird animals keep following him. But then, he is suddenly standing in front of what he's always wanted. He too suddenly seems to get caught in absurdity. A numeric animated story told by Maxime Place, 26 pages.

Les + de l'histoire :

Sometimes, even the grimest of people can find a small reason to smile...

Amitié, Curiosité, Audio, Anglais, Amitié, Curiosité, Audio

Les avis des whisperers

Le 18 janvier 2022
Bear just looked and saw noise

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