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Princess No Laugh

Princess No Laugh
  • Rose Célestine ILLUSTRATEUR
    Rose Célestine
  • Sarah K. AUTEUR
    Sarah K.

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Résumé :

Enter this children's book, to the country of king Prosper and queen Felicidad, where everyone is happy! They're even happier when the queen gives birth to the child she's wanted for several years. Princess Desire is born and she's so beautiful and smart, but the thing is... She doesn't laugh. She doesn't even smile. What's up with that? How can they fix this? The king thinks and asks his consulors. "It's a good thing she can't laugh!" some say. "It's apalling!" other say. In a desperate act, the king forbids anyone to laugh in all the realm. Anyone caught laughing will be thrown in jail. Miserable years pass by before the princess is old enough to get married. The pretendents present themselves one by one, but none can get even the glimpse of a smile out of the princess. Until young Disegno came. He is not very handsome, he is shy and doesn't talk much... Will he be able to at least make the princess smile? Animated story, told by Maxime Place, 33 pages

Les + de l'histoire :

The person can make us laugh, is sometimes where we expect them the least... A beautiful story about prejudices!

Princesse, Amour, Rire, Humour, Famille, Histoire Musicale, Audio, Anglais, Princesse, Amour, Rire, Humour, Famille, Histoire Musicale, Audio

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