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Mister Miss

Mister Miss
  • Guillaume de Jamene AUTEUR
    Guillaume de Jamene

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Résumé :

Once upon a time, there was a book that related the extraordinary story of a little cat... Like any other kittens when they're born, his name had to be written into a big book, which was so big no one could budge it. Only the vet could access this secret book. When this big day arrived for the little kitten, the vet tried to figure out whether he was a male or a female... But what if Mister-Miss was much more than that? Animated story told by Maxime Place, 15 pages.

Les + de l'histoire :

In this magical story, you'll learn that the most important is to be happy. The ones that matter will love you the way you are...

Poésie, Contemplation, Curiosité, Animaux, Audio, Anglais, Livre audio anglais, Poésie, Contemplation, Curiosité, Animaux, Audio

Les avis des whisperers

Le 5 juin 2020
Quand le chat reste mister-miss
Aruni Ranawake
Le 30 avril 2020
I love the cat.

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