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Jean, the nightmare fisherman

Jean, the nightmare fisherman

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Résumé :

A children's story about Jean. Since forever, Jean lives alone on his planet, a very little planet with a very big lake. Thankfully, because Jean is a fisherman. Every morning, he takes his fishing rod and goes all the way to the end of the wooden dock. Sat on his stool, he fishes for nightmares all day until his bucket is full. Then, when the evening falls, he takes the path that takes him to the beginning of space. There, he waits for the starry cloud to appear. Thousands of stars come to him and take the nightmares away. Until one day, when Jean gets sick... A story to make you dream... Animated story, voiced by AMP. 45 pages.

Les + de l'histoire :

A nice little numeric story that shows that there will always be someone for you to give you company and comfort us, sometimes even someone that we wouldn't think about...

Poésie, Contemplation, Découverte, Rêve, Cauchemars, Audio, Livre audio anglais

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Le 26 août 2021
C'était nul
Le 21 avril 2020
I loved this story. Very poetic
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