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Henrietta the skunk

Henrietta the skunk
  • la petite capitaine ILLUSTRATEUR
    la petite capitaine
  • Aurore Chatras AUTEUR
    Aurore Chatras

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Résumé :

In this story, we follow Henrietta. She is sad because of her smell that wards off all the other animals: she ends up with no friends. But smart as she is, she will come up with ways to disguise her smell. Will she succeed? Follow Henrietta during this tale about tolerance. Animated numeric story told by Maxime Place.

Les + de l'histoire :

This beautiful story teaches how sometimes you need to go beyond your first impressions, and for the the right people, make an exception. A story told partly in rhymes.

Animaux, Apprendre, Réflexion, Audio, Animaux, Apprendre, Réflexion, Audio

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