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Hector Bouque's big problem

Hector Bouque's big problem

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Résumé :

This children's story introduces you to Hector Bouque, a goat who is very proud of his prairie. Every evening, he carefully cuts the little strands that outgrow. In this way, he can sell his high-quality hay when the winter comes. One evening, whilst Hector Bouque was staring at his field in awe, he saw a mound of soil in the middle of his field. Hector Bouque is horrified, his field is disfigured! But Hector is not going to lose hope, he rakes and rakes and nothing changes. He then decides to go find his friend who could help him get rid of the problem that is making him so unhappy. Animated story, voiced by Maxime Place, 22 pages.

Les + de l'histoire :

Sometimes, the solution of our problem is unexpected. An animated story to laugh with your family!

Rire, Patience, Animaux, Audio, Anglais

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