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Histoires pour enfants -
Gonbei and the ducks

Gonbei and the ducks
  • Ikuko AUTEUR
  • Jean-Philippe Delattre ILLUSTRATEUR
    Jean-Philippe Delattre

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Résumé :

Gonbei is a teenager who wants to help his village by finding a useful job. But despite all his efforts, he can't seem to find anything. However, the young man does not give up, on the contrary, he challenges himelf to capture one hundred ducks at once! So, one night, he leaves his house with a bunch of ropes... Animated story told by Maxime Place, 23 pages.

Les + de l'histoire :

In this story, you will learn that sometimes, you are meant to have an unconventional job! 

Confiance en soi, Culture du monde, Persévérance, Audio, Anglais, Japon, Confiance en soi, Culture du monde, Persévérance, Audio, Japon

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