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Babo, the little snail

Babo, the little snail
  • Caroline Le Govic AUTEUR
    Caroline Le Govic
  • midokun ILLUSTRATEUR

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Résumé :

Discover the sweet and poetic story of a little snail called Babo. He hates rain and often has to follow his family on wet grass, using an umbrella. This day, they go visit Mamydou to eat stew. But Babo likes neither stew, nor rain. He is all curled up in his shell, determined not to move from here, when a little boy called Henry picks him up. But his sister Emy doesn't go easy on our friend... Beyond friendship, this little familiar gasteropod who's always picked up by clumsy little hands, might also make his dream come true... Animated story told by Maxime Place, 37 pages.

Les + de l'histoire :

A beautiful tale that proves you must never give up on your dreams...

Aventure, Espoir, Respect, Audio, Anglais

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