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An unusual dinosaur

An unusual dinosaur
  • Angelique Bas Dit-Nugue ILLUSTRATEUR
    Angelique Bas Dit-Nugue

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Résumé :

Discover Trici in this children's story. He is a pretty little brown dinosaur with three little horns on top of his head. Even if he receives all the love from his family, he barely looks like his siblings. They are big with long necks, but Trici has short ones. One day, Trici and his family decide to adventure into the lowlands. They then bump into an enormous T-Rex... who will pursue them... Trici will finally find out why he is so different from his brothers and sisters. What is the secret of his colour and his little horns? Animated story, voiced by Aisha Morales Park. 12 pages.

Les + de l'histoire :

A nice story that proves that even if you are different you are still loved!

Amour, Famille, Animaux, Différence, Dinosaures, Audio, Anglais, Amour, Famille, Animaux, Différence, Dinosaures, Audio

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