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A true Christmas tree

A true Christmas tree
  • Sylvie Lavoie AUTEUR
    Sylvie Lavoie

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Résumé :

Throughout the year, big and little children impatiently wait for Christmas. When winter comes, everyone gets ready for the festivities. But this year, it will be different. The little ones and the big ones will discover the real magic of Christmas. A real Christmas starts with a big and beautiful tree. Thanks to this children's story, you will discover how to choose a nice Christmas tree all whilst respecting the environment. Animated story, voiced by AMP. 35 pages.

Les + de l'histoire :

A children story with a reminder to protect our forests and respect our environment. You an take advantage and explain to your children the advantages of recycling.

Responsabilité, Ecologie, Environnement, Noël, Respect, Audio, Livre audio anglais

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